Tarqui Magic river

Classroom activities are one of the four components of the From Words to Wings program.

Each monthly school visit includes a storytime or read aloud that is designed to get children excited about reading and is developed around age appropriate books. We incorporate simple props, participatory activities and instruments into the storytelling. The ideas are designed to motivate children to read and to make storytime magical. We want the storytime to be fun for the kids and at the same time model a variety of storytime techniques for teachers.

Storytime generally begins by spreading out the magic river in front of the children and with the chime of the story bowl. Children and teacher alike dive into the magical world of books and are curious to see which book will be read and what surprises might be hiding in the storytelling box.

After storytime, the class returns the book collection from the previous month, eagerly telling us about their favorite books. Then they are ready to see the new book collection. We show all of the books one by one and highlighting a few which might be of special interest to the class. We always include a copy of the book that was read aloud to the class during storytime as that book is generally a favorite for the children to read on their own or to hear again read by the teacher. The children are all very eager to explore the new book collection!

Future plans….

With future donations, we hope to purchase new books by Latin American authors, instruments and story props made by Ecuadorian artisans. We would also like to provide stipends to local teachers to help develop unique storytimes for these books.

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