Book collectionA key component to the From Words to Wings program is supporting schools in the development of their own permanent school libraries. During the first year of participation in our program we provide all of the books through our mobile library. Our goal during the first year is to get the students excited about reading and support the teachers as they see how to incorporate the books into the daily school routine. For our participating schools, this is usually the first time they have had books other than workbooks available in the classroom.

Throughout this first year, we also work with the school principal on plans for creating a permanent library. School and community collaboration is vital. At some schools this means cleaning out a storage area and finding local donations for book shelves. At other schools, this may mean getting parents to donate labor to build a room for the library.

Our promise to participating schools is that if they create a space for the library, we will find book donations to get their library started.

Future plans…

With future donations, we hope to be able to supply materials to schools which need to build a physical space for their library. We would also like to develop a component of the program to support schools as they implement the use of their new library and help them to continue to add to the number of books in their library. Starting a school library requires a significant amount of organization. Collaborating with the school we can support them as they develop their library organization, a check out system, library use and volunteers.

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