Tarqui K1st class photosOne of the goals of From Words to Wings is to connect schools and youth groups in the United States to our program. Through shared experiences, written communication, video clips and photos children thousands of miles away from each other can get a glimpse into another classroom and culture. This provides a great learning opportunity for all the children involved.

Children in both countries not only learn from each other, but also have the opportunity to give to each other. For children in the US this is an opportunity to make a difference that will support education in Latin America. US students raise funds, which will be used to help us to create permanent school libraries at From Words to Wings schools in Ecuador. Meanwhile, in Ecuador, participants in the From Words to Wings program work together to create a special homemade book that will be sent as a gift to the US school or youth group to add to their library.

If your school, classroom or youth group would like to be part of this unique and exciting collaboration please contact us.

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